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Only those who have been part of the Disney Team can offer the best in the sensational Parks of Disney World.
Having the opportunity to know the enchanted world of Walt Disney is certainly one of the greatest experiences that any human being can have.
To those who have never been and say that Disney is only for children, the mistake is huge. Being in one of the Disney Parks, be it in Florida, California, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc. it is an immersion in a world in which magic is contagious and enchanting.
Specifically in the USA in Florida, Younique Traveling constantly sends groups of clients, accompanying people, couples, families, incentive groups and also has its own company of Transport, Concierge and Guide in Orlando, YouTravel USA.
Younique Traveling together with its director Tiago Tavares holds certifications, awards and decorations for being Specialists in Orlando, Disney and other parks in Florida such as Universal Studios, The Sea World, Legoland, etc.
All Disney projects are handcrafted by Younique Traveling Consultants under the supervision of the Director.


Full knowledge of the destination Orlando, Miami, Kissimmee;
Elaboration of Exclusive Disney Project with exclusivity;
Consulting and Advisory;
Complete Guide to Parks, attractions, shopping and tours;
Storage of bags and parcels;
Physical address for delivery of Amazon goods;
VIP Monitoring of Younique Traveling Owner Himself;
Own structure with reception and guide;
On-site knowledge of more than 80 hotels and 50 vacation homes to adapt the best cost-benefit ratio to each trip;
Assistance with day-to-day planning, as well as booking FastPass, VIP Entries;
Unique experiences, exclusive tips from those who were only part of Disney World know;
Preparation and delivery of exclusive and personalized gifts;
Purchasing concierge, exclusive visits, party and restaurant reservations;
Incredible discounts at YT partner stores throughout Orlando;

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Taking a Trip requires planning, focus and discipline and several factors must also be taken to make the Trip go the way you expect.

There are trips for Families, Engagements, Marriages, Awards, Meetings, Learning, etc ...

Younque Traveling Director, Tiago Tavares, has a great aptitude in several aspects, among them: 


  • Always know how to identify the cost x benefit of each trip for each customer profile;

  • Know how to filter the needs of everyone involved in a trip;

  • Have already experienced that destination or trip that customers want to take. Remember "time is money";

  • Having Safety and Tranquility as the most important motto of the company;

  • Speak several languages that help to get to know the countries and communicate effectively in times of help and also direct negotiations with suppliers;

  • To have worked in Hotels from the chambermaid to the General Manager;

  • Know the etiquette of countries and cultures;

  • Having worked in several restaurants, buffets from the position of Grillardin to the general manager.

  • Knowing how to deal with family situations, joining teams, building relationships, having the objective of always working on the playful side and also on the fantasy of making dreams come true.

The word Concierge is easily translated to: Someone able to help and resolve any customer request.

You know when people travel and "that nephew who did the programming, etc." but suddenly everything starts to go wrong? "

Why do you take this risk right on your Dream trip? Spending all year planning your trip, saving money, looking at opportunities and suddenly not being able to explore and really feel complete during your trip.

VIP Accompaniment aims precisely to supply this need that nothing better than having people serving you during your trip and your only concern is HAVING FUN.


Early Check-ins on Flights, Car Reservations, Hotel Reservations;

Baggage loading and logistics;

Reservation service for Restaurants, Shows and Events with convenience and experience;
Provision of local information;

Unique experiences and opportunities by maximizing the exclusivity of the trip by visiting different attractions from the others;

Creation of Gala Nights and Magic Moments;

Request for extra services in the local language facilitating communication;

Purchasing know-how and negotiation opportunities;

Driver throughout the travel period;

Development of gifts and exclusive kits according to each trip and each client;

Travel Coverage via Photos & Videos of YouFly Team - Aerial Images that still has a licensed and approved drone with travel video editing at the end of it.

A Trip with Accompanying VIP Concierge Younique Traveling for sure makes all the difference in the travel of your Group, Family or Friends and those who have already experienced it can witness the saving of time, money and the satisfaction of exclusive, unique and joyful moments.