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The Travel Agency is a company duly Authorized by Cadastur, a body that regulates the activity of providing tourist services through the composition of CNPJ - Legal Company to operate in the Tourism and Travel market.

 The Travel Agent is a professional basically with a Degree in Tourism, Hospitality, Communication, Administration, Foreign Trade, International Relations and / or through experience acquired in the different formats and placements that the Travel and Tourism market offers.

It is no use being a travel agent for simply "loving to travel". It's a little more complicated than that.


Can you imagine a person enjoying playing doctor and calling themselves a doctor? Can you imagine a person enjoying playing Play Mobil and calling themselves Engineer? Bad right?

Therefore, several people who identify themselves as Travel Agents are not actually Travel Agents. Saying that you are a Tour Organizer, saying that you travel is not legitimately identified as a Travel Agent.

To become a Travel Agent you first need to know that you will be taking care of a Dream Realization of a person, family, group and even animals.


Capacity building, training, systems expertise, knowledge of destinations, the didactics of knowing how to deal with Customers and Suppliers and knowing how to identify opportunities is crucial.


There are Agencies and Agencies. Do you know the one you enter and the person just wants to sell? Selling just for selling, any human being can go online and make a purchase.

The Travel Agent must "surprise", exceed the expectations of finding the best destination, in the profile of each traveler and ensure the Safety and Tranquility of its customers, passengers and travelers.

 Younique Traveling is run by a Qualified Professional who has been working in the Tourism business for 20 years and who knows how to identify all of the above and how to deal with unexpected situations that may happen in Travel, which happens a lot!

Therefore, when choosing a Travel Agency, choose who has credibility, who has experience and that Younique Traveling has.


TRAVEL WITH US! You will be in the hands of those who have been there!

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Upon boarding, the passenger must present the original identity document, with photo, within its validity period and in good condition. The responsibility for presenting the documents is personal and exclusive to the passenger. To board national flights, you must arrive one hour in advance for check-in. For international flights, three hours in advance is recommended.


For NATIONAL travel: ID, issued by the SSP of the States or the Federal District; National driving license; Professional Portfolios, issued by the Councils; Working card; or passport.

FOR INTERNATIONAL travel: Valid passport, consular visa (when required by the country of destination) and vaccination card, for those countries that require it as a mandatory entry.

Important: Most Mercosur countries accept ID issued in Brazil, when in good condition with emission performed less than 10 years ago. Many countries require a passport to be valid for at least six months before the start date of travel. Please consult each country's rule with your travel agent.


It is only allowed under conditions agreed with the airline, as long as they are duly authorized by the Court of Childhood and Youth.


Always carry as little luggage as possible. Hand luggage is usually released by the Airlines 1 volume of up to 10 kg and that does not exceed the maximum allowed limit (see rules of the Airline to be performed the flight). Checkable volumes for domestic flights are currently charged and can be purchased together with the air ticket. Baggage allowance for international flights is generally 2 packages of 23kg dispatchable. Always consult the baggage rule with Younique Traveling. Information will be passed on by purchasing Travel services contracted with the Agency. 



In the case of international flights, reconfirm the dates, times and airports with the airline at least 72 hours in advance. The passenger's non-attendance for boarding incurs a fine by the airline or even loss of the ticket.



Currently, as soon as the customer acquires his airline ticket, any alteration, cancellation and refund entails a fine to be established by the Airlines. All classes of airline tickets reservations have rules and procedures regarding boarding, rescheduling, cancellation and refund. Younique Traveling helps the client in the delicate moment but they have their hands tied in relation to the rules that the Airlines demand and must be taken into consideration. Seats are not guaranteed by the Agency. Only the confirmed seat payment to the Airlines guarantees the seat in the chosen seat. Baggage is charged according to the rules of each airline.



All vouchers delivered by Younique Traveling are listed in the name of the Accommodation, full address, contact phone number, number of nights with meals, type of accommodation chosen and additional information. Make sure that your room configuration and room type is described on the voucher. Younique Traveling does not guarantee an upgrade and / or extra privileges. In the USA and Europe, resort fee and local tourism fees are charged by the Hotels and are not refunded by Younique Traveling. Parking, minibar, concierge, roomservice are services charged by the hotels and Younique Traveling does not refund these extras. It is the responsibility of the Hotels to provide a customer service consistent with the category of accommodation contracted, as well as the cleaning and maintenance of the rooms and structure of the Hotel. 



All Travel International achievements acquired through Younique Traveling is offered to all customers International Travel Insurance. It is up to the customer to accept or not. The choice of Travel Insurance coverage is the Client's responsibility. The Agency guides, but the final decision is up to the customer. In the event of an emergency, the customer should contact the contacts offered on the Travel Insurance Voucher as well as the Agency for assistance and assistance. All travel insurance services as well as rules and procedures are described in the voucher given to each insured. Any and all refund in the event of an incident is the responsibility of the Insurance company. Younique Traveling does not refund customers who use Travel Insurance Services. 


Accompanied by relatives - (father, mother, grandparents, uncles or siblings over 18): They must carry a formal document that proves kinship. Accompanied by persons not related - In addition to the identification document, they must carry a document signed in a notary by the parents or legal guardian, who grants authorization to travel with the child.


Valid passport. To travel unaccompanied by parents, judicial authorization is required from the Child and Youth Court; If traveling with only one parent, authorization from the absent parent is required with a notarized signature.


Attention: Children and teenagers traveling with the new passport (blue model), accompanied or not by their parents, must present at check-in the identity document or birth certificate to prove paternity, as the new blue passport does not have this information.


Not all airport or government taxes are always included in the air ticket. Some may be charged at airports, so be prepared for eventualities. Each ticket has specific rules regarding changes or refunds, and some fares do not allow these possibilities.


All car rentals made through Younique Traveling must have the driver responsible for the rental. All car rentals are included in a Rental Withdrawal Voucher as well as a printed letter delivered with specific information for the car rental. A National Driver's License is valid in Brazil and outside Brazil, valid until the end of the rental period. Some countries in Europe require an International Driving Permit (withdrawn via Detrans' websites throughout Brazil). Any changes in the booking of a national or international rental will result in fines. Car rental companies do not adjust reservations, change periods and change the names of drivers agreed on reservations directly at their stores. For all car rentals through all National and International Car Rental companies carried out by Younique Traveling, it is mandatory that the main driver has a credit card released in the credit function with a limit for the minimum coverage required by the rental companies (ask the Agency as a rule can be different from company to company). People under the age of 25 are subject to an extra charge (charged directly by rental companies at the destination) for vehicle pickup. Younique Traveling does not rent a car without the minimum insurance required. Tolls and fuel are not included in the car rental and must be agreed directly at the destination of the car pickup. Younique Traveling does not refund incidents and charges made by Car Rental Companies that have not been properly accepted by customers with electronic signatures at destinations.


All park tickets, concert tickets and tours booked through Younique Traveling are personal and non-transferable. Each customer will receive their printed ticket and must read all the information contained therein. Alterations, cancellations, name transfers are practically impossible to happen, being the rule of the companies that make these documents not to honor changes and alterations. The client must always provide the required identity documentation to the event / park locations and also arrive within the established time. It is suggested for Shows and Theaters 1 hour in advance of the time marked on the voucher. 


Procon: 151

Infraereo (Ombudsman): 0800 727 1234

Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency): 0800 611 997

Federal Revenue: 0300 780 300

Federal Police: 194